Apple accidentally leaks the new MacBook Pro with secondary display and Touch ID


Though we’re just a day out from the scheduled launch of the new MacBook Pro lineup, Apple itself has ruined the big surprise reveal with two hidden images in the macOS 10.12.1 update. Both of these Apple Pay advert images which show the new MacBook Pro were first spotted by Apple-focused publication MacRumors. And these finally confirm the insistent rumors of the existence of a secondary OLED display with TouchID.

Without further delay, let me (unfortunately!) introduce you to the new Macbook Pro before its official launch.

At first glance, you’d notice that the redesigned MacBook Pro looks much toned and leaner as compared to previous generation models. A 13-inch MacBook Pro is said to be used for these images, and thus, you can also notice the dual speaker placement on the side of the keyboard.

These leaked images not only confirm the highlight feature i.e ‘Secondary OLED strip’ or ‘Magic Toolbar’, but also give us a little insight into how they might work as well. The OLED strip has replaced the function keys and is located at the top of the keyboard. The display will be pitch black and completely blank when not in use but is expected to be adaptable and should change depending on the app(or task) that’s currently open on your screen.

These claims are further reinforced by the fact that the keyboard has got rid of the physical escape key. But, if you look closely at the image attached above, you’ll notice a ‘cancel’ button on the left-hand side of the secondary display. This will be a new and uninvited change and will take some getting used to after repeated use.

In addition, the image also confirms the inclusion of the Touch ID in this much-awaited upgrade of the MacBook Pro. There is, however, a lack of the metal ring around the Touch ID button which detects your finger and activates the sensor to confirm your identity. The functional OLED display seems to integrate the TouchID right into the strip with the use of 3D Touch technology.

For instance, you can notice the secondary strip(or Magic Toolbar) displays commands for the user to complete his transaction using the TouchID placed on the right side of the strip. It also confirms the contextual display which shows the Apple Pay logo and command ‘Touch ID to pay Apple $$$’ to intimate the user of the working of the same.

In addition, another Apple-focused publication 9to5Mac has found icons inside the macOS Sierra code which point towards the ability to unlock or authenticate something with Touch ID. We’ll now have to wait just a day to find out what is Apple calling this secondary display — I’m perfectly satisfied with Magic Toolbar.


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