Super Mario Run downloaded 40 million times in 4 days: Nintendo


There has been quite a lot of data coming in from various sources regarding the number of downloads for Super Mario Run. This unprecedented interest in the performance of the app stems from comparisons being drawn between Pokemon Go and Super Mario Run. Well, Nintendo has finally released the official figures for the game.

According to Nintendo, Super Mario Run has been downloaded over 40 million times in just 4 days — To put things in perspective, that is almost 600 downloads per minute! While the company refrained from releasing data about how many of these installs were paid and how many free, various third party sources are pegging the number of paid downloads as in excess of 2 million — which is pretty impressive, considering that the app costs $10.

To compare, Pokemon Go took over two weeks to reach 30 million downloads. So yes, Super Mario Run does seem to have an edge at the moment. However, it is still too early to say whether the game is a bigger success as compared to Pokemon Go.

While Super Mario Run was announced at an Apple event and had plenty of press coverage and hype leading to its release, Pokemon Go launch was a relatively low key affair. What;s more, Super Mario Run has been released in over 100 countries simultaneously. Pokemon Go on the other hand, was released in a staggered manner with its launch spanning a period of months. This staggered release was another reason why it was able to maintain a more or less constant growth curve for a long time.

Considering that people appear to be falling head over heels in installing Super Mario Run and that it has already been launched in most important markets, we can expect growth to slow after a period of time. Revenue can be expected to continue trickling in a little while longer as some people get bored of the free version and decide to shell out the $10 in order to unlock the full game.

Interestingly, we can also expect a greater uninstall rate as users who are adamant upon not paying the requisite $10 for the full version, get bored and remove the game.


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