HDFC Life, Giving the Country a Platform to Proudly Say Thank You


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HDFC Life brand campaign ‘Apno ko apne dum pe jeena sikhao’ is currently on air. The commercial draws light on how financial planning and support of the husband enables his wife to fulfil her dreams even after his untimely death. The commercial highlights an innate ‘pride’ story. We realised that there are millions of such stories and moments around the country. Which is why we launched our experiential campaign #MyMomentOfPride. Giving people a new platform to come forward and say Thank You to their loved ones, for enabling them to lead a life of pride.

Speaking about the campaign, Sanjay Tripathy, Senior EVP – Marketing, Analytics, Digital & Ecommerce, HDFC Life said,the campaign focuses on how empowerment is the real benefit of insurance purchase and how it enables loved ones to lead a life of pride. Taking this thought on ground through experiential medium as well, we encouraged people to come forward and thank those who have empowered them and enabled them to lead a life of pride.”

Talking about the thought behind the campaign, Vandana Verma, Executive Vice President, Arc India said “Today, we’re so easily giving out ‘Thank Yous’ to one and all, but we rarely say it to those who matter. Especially to the special few who gave their all to make us independent and proud. This activity was aimed at building a platform for people to thank their loved ones. Their ‘Thank You’ moments were captured and each person walked away with a special memento of their messages. Soon, we plan to showcase their pictures on a giant billboard of pride. The activity perfectly lent itself to our campaign thought ‘Apno ko apne dum pe jeena sikhao’.”

Thousands of people from all age groups and walks of life lined up to have their pictures taken. They opened their hearts and poured their ‘Thank You’ messages on to the boards which were then instantly captured and framed for their memories.

The activity was taken nationwide & carried out in popular malls across major metro cities: Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Bangalore; Cinepolis cinema properties; and even in non-metro cities like Lucknow, Chandigarh, Bhopal, Pune etc. It was also taken across channel partner branches and some corporates across the country, with extensive promotions on digital media as well.

The activity culminates with an OOH leg to it called the ‘Billboard of Pride’, which is a large billboard featuring the images of some of the participants and has been launched across cities. A short film that captures the excitement and fever of the nationwide activity is also underway.

In the meanwhile, HDFC Life proudly celebrates the success of thousands of people opening up and sharing their moments of pride, bringing into forefront the beautiful idea of saying something as simple as Thank You.

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