Super Mario Run nets $14 million in revenue in first 3 days, still unable to reach expectations


Super Mario Run has been attracting a lot of publicity of late. Of course, it is a game that is literally loaded with Nostalgia. However, another reason behind this publicity is the fact that it has been generating quite a lot of comparisons with Pokemon Go. After the latter’s huge success, everyone has been waiting to see if Super Mario Run will be able to break the records that have been set.

Well, we can’t say whether or not Super Mario will break Pokemon Go’s records. Indeed, many investors are of the mind that it won’t. Which has led to falling share prices for Niantic. However, one thing is certain, Super Mario Run is no pushover.

According to data coming in from App Annie, Mario was able to pull in almost 37 million downloads worldwide and generated $14 million in revenue, within the first three days of launch. According to App Annie’s report, the U.S. was the top fan with almost 11 million downloads in three days. Japan snagged the third spot with 7.5 million download while the U.K. came third with 1.5 million downloads.

Pokemon Go fans just might snigger behind their hands at these numbers, after all, Super Mario Run isn’t doing quite as well for an app that was said to be able to beat Pokemon Go. However, there is one thing you have to remember fellas. Pokemon Go is essentially free to play while playing Super Mario Run requires you to shell out a hefty $9.99.

Technically, you can play the game for free as well, But considering that doesn’t give you access to most of the levels, any Mario fan worth his/her salt will have to shell out 10 bucks to make the purchase.

Which brings us to another point. Was Nintendo right to price the hyped about game at $10? Sure, Super Mario is a very popular franchise and unlike Pokemon Go, the company really went all out with marketing and advertising on this one. However, the $10 price tag, the requirement for an always on Internet connection and the somewhat limited content has led to a lot of anger.

The anger expressed itself in form of a lot of one star ratings. If you didn’t know the reason, you would think the game aims with Mario pushing the princess into lava or something — the ratings are so bad. However, they are from customers who have been disappointed because of one of the three reasons we mentioned above. All in all, the game has received mixed responses as compared to the instant and overwhelming popularity Nintendo was probably expecting.

Meanwhile, Apple and Nintendo are probably preparing themselves for the fact that Super Mario will not do as well as the hype would have led you to believe. It is still doing well, just not too well. Hopefully, Nintendo will draw some useful lessons from Super Mario Run and use them while launching its other titles on smartphones.


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